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About School Psychology India
School Psychology India

School Psychology, India is an association of school and college serving psychologists all over the india and other countries to connect, inform, inspire, share, and care for students, schools, colleges, universities  and families.  School Psychology India is a nonprofit association and a non-Governmental Organization deployed to promote and develop school psychology, its practitioners and the profession by training, researching and working collbarelty with all the international associations and organizations of school Psychology.

The awareness on the concept of school psychology hit the Indian subcontinent in the recent times dating back to 2006 and the first paper on school psychology was presented at Colombo, Srilanka at an International Conference on November 26, 2006. Since then, there was no looking back; there has been a lot of networking, resource sharing, and strengthening of the profession in order to meet the demands of the students and schools in India.

Our Association provides ample opportunities for resource sharing and professional development through regular events, Continuing education programs as well as conferences and forums to discuss the complex aspects of working in schools and colleges. The professional events are open to non-members as well. We also focus on the budding school psychologists and we are looking forward to working with young people and various school systems.

School Psychology India membership includes school psychologists and counselors who are employed across the countries in public and private schools, colleges and educational institutions, including faculty and students in graduate training programs.

Creating safer schools and colleges, happy children and adolescents, and contented families


School Psychology India empowers school psychologists by advancing effective practices in keeping children and adolescents’ safe, supporting students and teachers in meeting academic standards and behavioral standards, helping students with disabilities, and providing a nurturing place for children with personal issues. School Psychology India works with psychologists and the education community in making schools a healthier and a safer resourceful place to be.

Core Values
  • School Psychology India involves itself in various actions and activities that dramatically influence the lives of students, parents and school personnel.
  • School Psychology India is school centered and works towards goals and actions focused on the requirements of students, parents and schools.
  • School Psychology India designs innovative effective solutions to student/school problems and will work pragmatically on it.
  • School Psychology India trains upcoming and practice psychologists to start working with children and adolescents.
  • School Psychology India trains educators and the general community regarding Mental Health First Aid which in turn helps the children and youth avail the required first aid services for a healthy mind.
  • School Psychology India appreciates, understands, and respects individual, cultural and other differences in all the activities involved in the road towards the common goal.
  • School Psychology India is committed to integrity and openness and to treating others with dignity and respect.
  • School Psychology India partners with like-minded organizations, NGOs, communities and others to realize its shared dreams.
Core Concerns
  • Inspire School Psychologists to sustain and enhance their professional integrity, development and practice
  • Provide professional development, resources, and advocacy for schools
  • Instigate individuals from diverse backgrounds to become school psychologists, and make them involved in SPA, so that our goal of reaching schools and families is attained
  • Plan various measures to advocate children, youth, families and schools to improve the system so that the needs of the child are met
  • Empower school psychologists to maintain high professional standards and engage in practice that reflects the full range of their expertise
  • Support, encourage and guide research activities that could possibly improve school psychology practices which in turn would help students positively
  • Provide professional development in multiple formats and across all spheres of practice to meet changing and diverse practice needs
  • Supports the profession by outlaying a practical work structure and clear cut responsibilities and limitations
School Psychology India –Membership
School Psychology India has been representing school psychologists in India since 2006. Our objectives include promoting School Psychology in India and neighboring countries, developing a network of practitioners and opportunities for continuing education, as well as liaising with educators and the public on issues related to school psychology. School Psychology India is affiliated with many international associations of School Psychologists and quite a lot of Individual practitioners from around the world.

To Join as a Life Member / International Affiliate, Visit us here.

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