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Research in School Psychology
About Research in School Psychology

School Psychology is an emerging field and there is a lot of scope for research in this area. We invite volunteers who can conduct research on various areas of school psychology. Though the research will not attract any doctoral or post doctoral certificates, it will be published in our web, shared with our members and the global school psychology community, will be funded for further research if required, will thrive to be a great learning experience, possibility of amalgamating with research teams and moreover you earn the quintessential practical experience.

Research Options

You can either join with the current research team or have an independent study.

Current Research Teams

Contact us at for the status of each team and their research interests.

School Psychology Research Topics
Effort avoidance;  Gender and sexuality;  Abuse ; Academic Achievement;  School transitions; Academic Competence; Academic Engagement; Accommodations; Citizenship education ; Accountability; Action Research; ADD/ADHD; Adolescents; Advocacy; Aggression; Anxiety; Anxiety Disorders; Informal Assessment;  Academic Assessment; Cognitive Assessment;  Student achievement;  At-Risk; Attention; Teaching Autistic Child; Behavior Problems; Managing Bipolar Disorder; Bullying; Character Development; Character Education; Children's Rights; Cognitive Collaboration; Communications;  Conflict Resolution; Consultation; Crisis Intervention; Crisis Management; Cultural Awareness; Cultural Competence; Curriculum-Based Measurement; Cyberbullying; Data-Based Decision Making; Depression; Disabilities; Discipline; Diversity; Divorce; Drug Abuse; Early Childhood; Early Intervening; Eating Disorders; Emotion; Ethical Issues; Evaluation; Family-School; Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning Youth;  Group Counseling; Health Promotion; Classroom pedagogy ; HIV/AIDS; Home Schooling; Home-School; Individual Education Plan (IEP); Infants and Toddlers; Instruction; Intelligence; Internet Use and Management; Intervention, Academic; Intervention, Classroom; Intervention, Reading;  Learning Disabilities (LD); Learning Strategies; Mental Health; Mental Retardation; Monitoring; Mood Disorders; Motivation; Multicultural; Natural Disasters; Nutrition; Obesity; Parent Involvement; Parent Training; Parenting; Peer-Assisted Learning; Personnel Shortages; Physical Activity; Play; Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports; Positive School Psychology; Professional Development; Punishment; Reading; Relationships; Resilience; School Adjustment; School Completion; School Engagement; School Psychological Services; School Psychology Awareness; School Reform; School Safety; School Violence; Self-Injury; Sexuality; Sleep/Sleep Problems; Social-Emotional Learning; Special Education; Student Learning Supports; Student-Teacher; Study Skills/Strategies; Suicide; ;Teacher Training; Temper Tantrums; Training in School Psychology; Trauma; Well-Being; Writing; Self and identity; And all those research interests related to student welfare, child development and a school ‘s holistic growth.
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